Full-time Internship Criteria

TSG offers Internship Opportunity to eligible candidates subject to following requirement and conditions:

  • Candidates must have Bachelors or Masters degree in desired domain of internship.
  • Candidate is expected to pass one or more entry-level technical test(s) in the area for which internship is being applied (Example- SQL, Other Coding, Excel, Accounting) 
  • Candidate must be able to work in 8 hours shift. 40 hours a week in 9 AM to 5 PM CST shift. 
  • For candidates residing outside USA are expected to work minimum 4 hours during CST (USA) timing till 12 PM CST. Shift timing may vary depeneding on traning plan & project requirement.
  • Any changes in the shift hours or absence on any day requires a notification and approval per company’s Leave policy which will be shared with you during the onboarding
  • In case of No Call No Show at work for 48 hours, will be considered Work Abscondence and will result in immediate termination with no future opportunities of re-application. In such cases, company is not liable to verify your association as Intern with the company. 
  • The Internship will be on voluntary basis and unpaid. 
  • Compensation payment will be considered at a point when the candidate can use the learning/training provided to demonstrate value to the company by producing billable work for client projects, 
  • Candidate is expected to arrange its own resources and equipment like computer, stable internet, modem, power back up (for outside USA) etc.
  • The company does not make any commitment about the nature or type of training and work tasks allocated to the intern. It will depend on company and client requirements at a particular point in time.
  • Candidate training timeframes will depend on company priorities 
  • The company will not undertake extra reporting or other work for candidate University or other external reporting
  • The candidate may get offered entry -level position with the company based on their performance, value and work delivery for the company.